Monday, March 28

Beirut RATShodies: The ball is always in your court

The Rats complained that I'm too biased when I write my posts... "Women are always the victims, men are always the bad guy, blablabla..." Well, although I disagree about the posts, I admit the bias --obviously, I am a woman at the end of the day. But I'm fair game. So today, I'm introducing Beirut RATShodies... it's the counterblog, or rather, the added value of the male perspective... Every month from now on, one of the Rats or someone close enough will honor us with their unique opinions, in their own words. I thank "the mouse" for braving the first post.

The ball is always in your court, so don’t complain…

“The Mouse” – a name bestowed upon me by the rats. I don’t mind the name, as I don’t fit the criteria to be a rat, which is fair enough as I wouldn’t last a year alive based on the criteria to be a “rat”. The drinking til’ you blast a fire hose at a club, falling asleep on the road, going into a bar on New Year’s eve for literally 2 minutes just to take your clothes off and then leave… definitely not this mouse’s material.

Now, I’ve been reading this blog since its inception and too many times I’ve disagreed with what’s been written, especially about how women are the victims of some conspiracy that all men out there are horrible beings looking to hurt you. Someone has got to reply.

I’m going to dive right into the middle of this whole “we are the women and we suffer” thing you’ve got going (it seems to work somehow for you ladies…), because I’ve got a woman of my own and I’ve got to admit, very rarely has she showed me the side of women that we men hate (the complaining, the stubbornness, lack of attention flip-out…etc).

Quite the opposite actually, she’s shown me that some women out there can accept a man the way he is with all his random joys and stupid flaws. I’ve seen to what distance a man could go for a woman who’s just easy-going, cool and simple. I’ve seen that happen to me, then I’ve seen the same happen to, not one, but two of the rats…

Yes, the very same rats that have been called all sorts of names in this blog; the very same rats, that you (the ladies out there reading this) keep thinking to yourselves are dare devils and evil specimens that go get drunk to mess around with ladies. No ladies, these rats and all men, are what YOU want them to be.

You must be wondering what I mean by that. I’ll put it in the famous words of a character called Red from the sitcom ‘That 70s Show’: “A man can only raise his standard to the point a woman allows him to”. Meaning, dear rhapsodians, that the ball is always in your court. Anything other than that and it’s considered assault (yet somehow you manage to complain about men).

Still don’t get it? You want a bad boy, you will get a bad boy! Even if he’s the most relaxed dude in the world, because a man can smell what attracts a woman from a million miles away and will know how to play his game to give her what she’s looking for.

The rich guy, the confident guy, the sporty guy, the musician, the drug addict, the business man, the “eben 3ayle”…etc. These are roles (key word: roles) that are so easy for any guy to portray to a woman; because men can easily guess what type of guy a woman is looking for (you aren’t that mysterious you know). Men know what you like, so they adapt to turn into what you like. You make us the way we are. You are the choice makers.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourselves right now “that’s not true, we just want a guy to be natural and himself…”. This brings me back to my initial point, only if you want him to be himself, will you really see his true colors. Hence why for example you have the 2 cases of the rats and my case as the mouse where the women that lured us showed us from the start that they wanted us to be ourselves and they understood that roles could be played and that they could be fooled. But the girls played the game as well. They gave the tiny signals, they asked the little questions and they let us do the rest (I salute those ladies by the way).

So you see ladies, the point I’m trying to make is the ball is always in your court to begin with therefore don’t victimize yourself over something you chose – don’t hate the player, play the game.

The Mouse has spoken…       

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