Thursday, March 17

The exception to the rule

I feel like writing silly again. Not that I don't enjoy pouring my heart-out and making people cry with my posts, but from time to time, I prefer to get back to funny rhapsodies about men and women and dating and playing and breaking hearts. Unfortunately, I've had very little material to work with lately. The Rats aren't being much of Rats, or at least they're not feeding my inspiration enough. And the girls, well all seems to be going well for most of them. Which is great, but makes poor blog-value.
But my friend Rebellious fell head over heals in love in the last two weeks, and I think that's worth a mention. There's been a lot of back and forth all year long, cuties, hotties, very cool guys, sometimes for months at a time, but something was lacking. And then, out of nowhere, and completely unexpected, she met Prince Charming. From the first moment they met, it felt different.
And that made me think: Yeah, I spent a lot of time talking about the game, being a bitch, following the "rules," deciphering what makes a love story work. But here's what I realize now: most of the time, when it's actually going to turn into a love story, it's very different from the start. So many times, when we're lonely, when we're looking, when we're almost desperately searching for the one, we meet lots of okay guys that we set-up in our heads as being great. We try to play the game, we ask our Rats what to write in this text message, how long to wait before calling back; then we analyze every other word he says with every other person we meet. And all it's such a big effort on our part and we don't even realize it. Because most of the time, you try too hard and it dies down because it wasn't even worth trying for in the beginning. When you meet someone whose okay, you should see it for what it is: a fling, a one night stand, maybe a few months of casual dating.
And once in a blue moon, you meet someone, and it clicks. There's instantly that notorious chemistry and it's always felt both ways. There's a different vibe to the flirting, it feels easier, more natural, and if there's a game being played, it's instinctive. When you meet that person, you're a lot more confident about the way he feels about you, because you feel it. No need to analyze and no need to think a million times before acting. It's effortless and it's wonderful.
It's the exception to the rule. And all the other times should be recognized for what they are, to avoid useless disappointment. We shouldn't settle for making the okay-guy great. We should be a little patient, and have a little faith. You know what they say: it always comes when least expected. 

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