Thursday, January 26

writer's block

In the last three days I've started post after post and they've all stayed in draft mode. So far. I've only written two posts in January and they were tough to write so I'm guessing, ladies and gentlemen, that I am suffering from writer's block. It is a terrible affliction, you see, because it makes me feel like I have no inspiration, nothing to write, that I will never be able to write again and it throws you into this writer's depression which is vicious cycle of course because the more you get depressed about not being able to write, the less you manage to write anything at all. So I'm embracing the solution to write about not writing. Sounds like something a therapist would tell me to do.

Anyone willing to throw inspiration my way, please do not refrain!


  1. I had that in August, so i wrote a blog and called it "Dry August". When that happens to me i try to listen to stories from my friends, or go out to a place i've never been to, like a new restaurant, pub, store.. anything that breaks my routine and allows me to experience something new. If all else fails, put up some pictures of your day,or week, things that made you smile, made you think, made you sad...

    Good Luck!

  2. thanks Serene :) will try all of that!

  3. Je ne lis jamais. Je deteste sa. Mais toi tu me donne envie de lire... toujours... Je te l'ai deja dit tu es une (presque la seul) de mes ecrivain prefere. Tu n'as besoin de personne pour une inspiration...
    "n'arrete jamais d'ecrire"
    Je t'aime