Saturday, November 26

surprisingly nice and a little spooky

It was one of those days. I was PMSing big time, and every time someone at the office told me anything about anything, I burst into tears. My dad called me from China and told me he had a dream about me when I was 5 years old again and I started crying. I was in the middle of a meeting and I had to step out because my boss told me off and my eyes were watery. The kind of day where your hormones take a hold of you and you just let it flow.

Just to add to the lot, I've been on a diet for the past ten days and haven't had a carb in my system for that entire period, I've sprained my ankle, and I've developed a thorough ability to complain if you haven't noticed. Anyway, bad day.

But, bright spot in my day: my friend Wiserat had been wanting to introduce me to a guy for the last 3 months. He kept telling me about him, so cute, so perfect, I would love him, he would love me, blablabla. So I was excited because I was finally gonna get to meet this perfect man --for the simple reason that I never meet anyone new and that in itself was exciting. Anyway, feeling like crap, I decided to spoil myself a little and go shopping so I would feel better. Very bad idea since everything I tried on wouldn't even close. I ended buying a black dress that hides every shape in my body and was finally feeling better to go meet mystery man. Turns out he's super cute --when his tongue isn't down another girl's mouth.

It was just one of those days, I'm telling you.

And then, around 11pm, I drive home because my phone is dead and I need to charge it before I meet up with other friends. Ten minutes later, I come back and there is a paper underneath my windshield wiper. I take it out and it says: "Yas ur cute U write really well I love your blog ur a star Leo" Of course, at first I smiled, woohoo I have a fan! Then I got a little iffy --who is this person who knows where I live, knows what my car is, knows I write a blog, and manages to slip this within the ten minutes I was home? Stalker much? No offense if you're reading this because I mean it in the sweetest way possible, but there is a fine line between surprisingly nice and a little spooky. Sorry dude.